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YACReader for iPhone

  • OS: iOS
  • Version: 1.0
  • File size: N/A
  • Date Added: 2013-15-05
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YACReader for iPhone Description

EditByBSEditor: YACReader offers you the best way to read and manage your digital comics. Enjoy your collections of digital comics anywhere. YACReader supports all the common digital comic formats, such as: cbz,cbr, zip or rar.

Importing your comics into your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch has never been easier. You can use your DropBox account for sync your comics with YACReader. YACReader supports iTunes File Sharing to copy comics between your computer and YACReader. You can also browse and import the digital comic collections stored in your computer using your iOS device*.

Organize your comic library creating Folders and copy, cut, paste or delete comics and folders. YACReader has the easiEST method for selecting comics and folders and organize them.

A single tap is all you need to read your comics from start to finish thanks to the built-in YACReader automatic scroll. Enjoy reading comics and do not worry about anything else.

Several thousand users manage and read their comics using YACReader in their computers since 2009. Now, you can also enjoy YACReader in yout iOS device. .You can free download YACReader for iPhone from Brothersoft now.
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YACReader for iPhone


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