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  • Date Added: 2014-17-09
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The profitability of a business highly depends on the efficiency of the decisions managers make. The decision-making process might be based on instinct only, but there are specialized algorithms that can be used in order to determine what is the best option in order to reach an objective.Choose the best option out of many alternativesUptrader is an application that helps business managers and not only make use of such methods, enabling them to evaluate alternatives and electing the optimal choice from many options. While it could come in handy to management experts, it can also serve as an educational tool for students and teachers alike, helping them solve simple to complex organizational problems.The application comprises three different modules that address various situations, namely 'Intelligence Analysis', 'Consequence Analysis' and the 'Leadership' module.Use various algorithms to make decisionsThe first module helps managers analyze various hypotheses, judgments and evidences in the attempt to obtain a more detailed overview on a specific situation, so as to understand the causes or the future effects of an action.As its name suggests, the 'Consequence Analysis' module is designed to help you analyze different courses of action, taking into account intangible, long-term objectives. Furthermore, the application challenges you to recast the problem so as to reveal new opportunities and generates an overview on all the analysis.Last, but not least, the 'Leadership' module aims to provide guidance on the decision-making process, taking into account all the variables and helping you understand how to choose between alternatives without losing from sight one or more objectives. Understand how to make decisions and solve problemsUptrader is a reliable application dedicated to decision-making, helping experts and management students get a better understanding on the matter. Thanks to its set of modules, you can solve multiple types of problems and make the best decisions for your company. .You can free download Uptrader from Softpedia now.
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