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Stocker Lite Third Party WMS

  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Version: 5.2.8
  • File size: 59.93MB
  • Date Added: 2013-07-06
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Stocker Lite Third Party WMS Description

Edit By BS Editor: Stocker WMS (Lite) For Third Party Warehouse operators is tailored for companies who own or rent a warehouse to store stock for their customers. It is a slimmer version of the standard Stocker Warehouse Management System. Although slimmer, Stocker Lite still offers all the essential warehouse stock control and reporting features of the standard version. Stocker Lite is a fully functional 30 trial with improved help for getting started.

Stocker Lite can manage a single warehouse only and caters for various storage types including standard pallet racking, block stacking, mobile racking, live racking and narrow aisle picking.

The main features of Stocker Lite include: Receive product against standard or variable pallet quantities; Caters for rotation/Batch serial numbers; Easy manual stock putaway to selected storage Locations; Automatic stock putaway based on a product's two tier zone and subarea rules; Comprehensive storage options e.g. don't mix products, batch number, sellby/useby dates; Easy manual stock selection; Automatic stock selection using FIFO, LIFO and product rotation/batch number; Optional management of part pallet picking faces; Automatic picking location replenishment; Customer returns; Ad-hoc issues; Warehouse Housekeeping - internal movements; Stock adjustments; Stock quarantine; Comprehensive stock holding reports; Movement History - auditing; Warehouse utilization Analysis; Stock holding analysis; Stock below minimum; Stock checks by product, location and perpetual inventory by pick Frequency. .You can free download Stocker Lite Third Party WMS from Brothersoft now.
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Stocker Lite Third Party WMS


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