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  • OS: Mac OS X
  • Version: 18.0
  • File size: N/A
  • Date Added: 2013-08-04
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SPSS Description

EditByBSEditor: IBM SPSS Statistics 18 (formerly SPSS Statistics) puts the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hands. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced statistician, its comprehensive set of tools will meet your needs.

Data access tools and data management tools:

* Direct Excel data access
* Access SAS 7, 8, or 9 data files, including compressed files
* Data Restructure Wizard
* Convert a single record to multiple records
* Convert multiple records to a single record
* Multiple datasets can be run in the same session
* OLE DB data access
* Import from and export to IBM SPSS Data collection Interviewer Web
* ODBC Capture -- DataDirect Drivers
* Unicode support
* Text Wizard
* Support for long variable names, longer value labels and very long text strings
* Longer value labels
* Very long text strings
* SAS 7/8/9 data files including compressed files
* Export data to SAS and current Versions of Excel

Basic data preparation tools:

* Define Variable properties tool
* Date/Time Wizard
* Identify Duplicate cases
* Optimal Binning
* Visual Bander
* Copy Data Properties tool
* Export to Database Wizard
* Define Variable Sets

The Data Editor -- Access data from:

* IBM SPSS Statistics SAV Files
* IBM SPSS Data Collection data
* Excel
* Stata, SAS, Systat
* dBase
* Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, IBM AIX)
* Text files

The Syntax Editor -- Auto-complete, color coding and other features make it easier to edit and test syntax

The Output Management System:

* Generate tabular results
* Table-to-graph conversion option
* Use search and replace to make corrections
* Export models as XML to SmartScore, as HTML, or in PDF format
* Share IBM SPSS Statistics output with IBM SPSS Smartreader .You can free download SPSS from Brothersoft now.
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