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  • OS: Windows All
  • Version: 4.9
  • File size: 65.9 MB
  • Date Added: 2013-14-12
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OpenXava Description

OpenXava is a handy framework that will enable you to develop AJAX JavaEE / J2EE applications rapidly and easily. This framework allows you to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations, it is feature rich and flexible and it generates JSR-168 portlet applications (Liferay, WebSphere Portal, Jetspeed, etc)OpenXava has been created by Java developers for their own use; hence it's powerful, extensible and enjoyable by a Java expert. On the other hand OpenXava allows to a new Java developer to start rapidly to be productive, therefore is a pleasant experience for beginners too. Here are some key features of "OpenXava":Has been used during years to develop enterprise applications.High productivity for developing business applications.Short learning curve and easy to use.Flexible enough to create sophisticated applications.It's possible to insert your own functionality in every place.No code generation: touch your code try your application in a few seconds.Based in the concept of business component.Although the User Interface is automatically generated (on fly) a fine tunning front-end arrangement is allowed.Full AJAX support: no page reloading is done.Adapted to work with legacy database schemas.Supports any application server (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, etc).Supports JSR-168: All OpenXava modules are standard portlets too.Persistence engine: EJB3 JPA, Hibernate or EJB2 CMP. You choose.It's tested with the portals: JetSpeed 2, WebSphere Portal, Liferay and Stringbeans.Easy integration of reports made with JasperReports.Exhaustive documentation in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.All labels and messages are in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Polish, Indonesian, French, Italian, Serbian, Swedish and Catalan, with more coming. Requirements:Java What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]New features:Combos and textfields in list filtering adapt their widths to the column and they are always completely group' and 'not in group' (the 'in' of SQL) allowed to filter in list, collections and 'My reports'.Link to hide filter is in the filter row itself.Links to show and hide the filter are only visible in customization mode.New icons for customizing list and collections.Paging in list and collections allows 12 rows per page.PDF reports with no data show a page with an informative message instead of an empty report.Long labels in automatic PDF reports can use several lines if needed.Automatic PDF reports use qualified labels for column header, just as list mode.Detail line height optimized for automatic PDF reports.Algorithm to adjust columns in PDF reports optimized: right column is better adjusted and columns that not fit are dropped.Width of columns in automatic PDF reports is calculated from the real content, not from declaration.The combo for a... .You can free download OpenXava from Softpedia now.
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