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  • OS:
  • Version: 1.37.7-201
  • File size: 41.3MB
  • Date Added: 2013-08-12
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Crystal Description

An evil toy, reanimated by the powers of dark magic is on the loose, spreading its evil throughout the Crystal Isles!
Now is the time for you to travel to the islands of Crystal Casters to save the corrupted wizards from this evil spell!

Crystal Casters is a FREE card battle, puzzle RPG game that will blow you away!
With over 500 different cards and tons of quests to play through, Crystal Casters provides enough content for hours and hours of a unique, brain twisting gameplay.
Please see the features below:

â?† Over 500 collectible cards with unique stats and skills that you can use in battle!
â?† Unique puzzle-based gameplay with depth that will keep you hooked for days!
â?† Over 150 quests with challenging enemies to collect precious loot from!
â?† Boost your favorite cards and enhance their levels to increase the player stats!
â?† Evolve your cards to a more advanced, stronger version!
â?† Summon rare cards that aren't available anywhere else and show them off to your friends!
â?† Get powerful items that will help you in combat! .You can free download Crystal from Brothersoft now.
Source: Brothersoft

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