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Business Dictionary

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BSEditor: THE WORDS YOU NEED for success in business. Find words and read what they mean in English. Definitions are specially written so learners of English can easily understand them. Don’t know a word? Look It Up!

35,000+ WORDS
The very latest words and phrases used in business, drawn from research of over 210 million real usage examples. Includes all the vocabulary you need for exams including BEC, BULATS, ICFE and ILEC.

Hear words spoken aloud with professional recordings of both British and American natives.

Powerful instant search shows words as you type, including related forms (e.g. type “buyâ€‌, find “buy-inâ€‌).

No internet connection required. Find words anytime.

Words are explained with pictures, graphs, Diagrams, and realistic example sentences.

Cambridge University Press is a world-leading publisher of English learning materials. Expert authors write all of the content in our apps. .You can free download Business Dictionary from Brothersoft now.
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Business Dictionary


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