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  • OS: Windows XP/2000
  • Version: -
  • File size: 804MB
  • Date Added: 2013-15-04
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AutoCAD2008 Description

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AutoCAD 2008 software adds features to help make everyday tasks easier. Annotation scaling and
control of layers by viewport minimize workarounds, while text enhancements, multiple leaders, and
improved tables help deliver an unmatched level of aesthetic precision and professionalism.

Key features:
Annotation Scaling
AutoCAD 2008 software introduces the concept of annotation scale as an object property. Designers
can set the current scale of a viewport or model space view, and then apply that scale to each object
and specify its size, placement, and appearance based on the scale set for the viewport. In other
words, annotation scale is now automated.

Layers per Viewport
In AutoCAD 2008 the Layer MANAGER has been enhanced to allow users to specify color, line weight,
linetype, or plot style as an override for an individual viewport. These overrides can be easily turned on
or off as viewports are added or removed.

Enhanced Tables
Enhanced tables now give users the option to Combine AutoCAD and Excel tabular information into a
single AutoCAD table. This table can be dynamically linked so that notifications appear in both AutoCAD
and Excel as data is updated. Users can then select these notifications, allowing instant updating of
information in either source document.

Text & Table Enhancements
The enhanced MTEXT editor now provides the ability to specify the number of columns required and
flows new text between those columns as users make edits. The space set between each column of
text and the edge of the paper is also customizable. All of these variables can be adjusted to specific
values in the dialog box, or adjusted interactively using the new multicolumn text grips.

Multiple Leaders
The new multiple leader panel on .You can free download AutoCAD2008 from Brothersoft now.
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