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  • OS: Windows XP/2000
  • Version: -
  • File size: 595MB
  • Date Added: 2013-16-04
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AutoCAD2007 Description

Brothersoft Editor: Meticulously refined with the designer in mind, AutoCAD software propels day-to-day drafting forward with features that increase speed and accuracy while saving time.

-Polysolid object (3d solid relative of a polyline)
-New render engine, materials, lights & cameras
-Grip-edit nodes for 3D AutoCAD objects

-Dynamic UCS or DUCS (temporarily switch to 3d face)
-Extrude objects (convert any 2D object into a surface)
-Enhanced visual objects

-Sub-object editing (face, edge, vertex & boolean History)
-New 3D Workspace environment. .You can free download AutoCAD2007 from Brothersoft now.
Source: Brothersoft

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